FAQs (Frequently asked questions) 

What is dutyof.care? 

Dutyof.care is a software platform that strengthens and streamlines organisations’ safeguarding accreditation compliance systems to greatly reduce the risks and costs of protecting children and other vulnerable people. It  combines real-time accreditation verification and continuous automated monitoring with permanent recording keeping on the Ethereum blockchain.

 What is it used for? 

The dutyof.care platform creates a safeguarding ecosystem that connects organisational users, individuals who hold accreditations( such as Working with Children's checks, teaching and health professionals' accreditation) and the bodies who issue accreditations and monitor accreditation compliance. DOC is a business to business solution, not intended for the consumer market.

How does it work? 

The dutyof.care platform automatically verifies safeguarding accreditations including Working with Children Checks and professional accreditations for teachers and health practitioners. Verifications occur continuously at a frequency set by the user.
The outcome of each verification event is recorded in a permanent, tamper-proof, auditable on the Ethereum blockchain. 

Why is it different? 

Continuous Verification and Notifications 

Regularly checking the validity of your workers’ credentials is a critical step to prevent harm. The dutyof.care automatically checks that your workers have valid accreditations at all times. Dutyof.care enables you to completely automate verifications as frequently as every week. When we detect that an accreditation has been revoked, we immediately notify your organisation through multiple channels. 

Permanent Proof 

Leaders and governance bodies are accountable long into the future for ensuring they can prove that they did everything they can to prevent abuse. After conducting a verification, dutyof.care records a permanent ‘log’ of that verification event onto the blockchain. This creates an auditable trail of proof that your organisation has been proactive in fulfilling its duty of care in making vulnerable people safer.  

Tailored to Your Needs 

dutyof.care is built for all contexts and organisational needs. Each organisation is structured and managed differently. dutyof.care enables you to customise your constituent list to reflect your unique structure and how you like to manage people and risk. Dutyof.care can also be integrated into your HR software to streamline the process of verifying your constituents.

Who should register? 

Any organisation which deals with children and vulnerable people should register for dutyof.care. It only takes a few minutes to register through the Duty of Care website or app.

How much does it cost? 

Price reflects your organisation’s use and scale. Click here for a Price Estimate.

Is my data visible on the block chain? 

All the information in the blockchain is secure and the data is encrypted (hashed). Data placed on the Blockchain relates only to verification events. No Personal identifiable information (PII) is placed on the blockchain.

How do you protect my privacy and my organisation’s data? 

We take the matter of securing and protecting data very seriously. We have implemented technology and security processes to protect the personal information that we collect, and we take all reasonable commercial steps to protect it.  This includes appropriately securing our physical facilities and electronic networks to prevent unauthorised access, modification or disclosure, misuse, interference or loss. We also require that the terms of agreements with our third-party providers address compliance with relevant privacy laws.  
Our detailed privacy policy is available on https://support.dutyof.care/privacy

Where are our servers located? 

Our servers are located in Australia.

What accreditations can I check?

dutyof.care can currently validate the following accreditations: 
  • Victorian Working with Children Check 

  • Victorian Institute of Teaching 

  • AHPRA Medical Registration Number 

  • Queensland College of Teachers 

  • Queensland Blue Card 

  • Queensland Blue Card Exemption 

We are continually expanding the list of accreditations that dutyof.care can validate. If your organisation requires an accreditation type that we cannot currently validate, please contact us.

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